Rant: The Vaster Wasteland

It is my contention that while we have access to more information than ever, we’ve never had access to more junk than ever. If “TV was a vast wasteland,” the internet is even vaster and more of a waste. If you’re on the internet chances are, you’re in it.


Wasteland 2


I think most people would agree. I also believe that there are plenty of different forces running counter-intelligence on us while we search for the truth. I have to say I think “they” fuck with us across a broad spectrum too and probably even in teams. I cannot and will ever be able to say how much junk information I have sifted through on Youtube, let alone everywhere else. There are so many basic bitch NWO videos, I couldn’t even count them.

If we go back to 9/11, a conspiracy most everyone can probably agree is a conspiracy, think how many conflicting stories there are and how many videos deserve to be combined.

The big problem is that plants have been on the internet from the beginning. It is my assertion that the big three are Jones, Icke and Marrs. Not that there isn’t a new generation with new tricks and honest people that just fuck up. One of Obama’s advisors proposed that the Government create fake conspiracies. I think they have been for a while.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to get to the actual truth take advantage of social media like Twitter and Voat for starters. Secondly, I would recommend that everyone read news they think they can see through and read primary sourced and books that are older than our ubiquious propaganda society. Whereas 1984 and Brave New World are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, H.G. Wells has at least two NWO books, New World Order and The Open Conspiracy. He seems to have been a weird guy.


The Open Conspiracy


Please don’t become waste among the waste. Don’t get caught up in the trends or be fed by the shills. Don’t get caught up in stuff that you are not going to incoporate in your worldview and do something with. Flat Earth videos all give pretty much the same proofs.

Social Media Platforms are going to be the only place that has some semblance to an oasis.

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