Israel, Was The Nation Born In A Day?

There are two types of TV Preachers. One type is apocalyptic one. Their version of the Apocalypse always revolves around Israel and false signs, wonders and what has to be a deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible.

While the time of their predictions may come and pass and they still somehow manage to keep their following and their coffers full to broadcast their message on TV and sell books, their predictions do not come true.

These types of preachers are good with sensationalism and creating fears and then, playing off of those fears.




What doesn’t change is their professed love for Israel. These preachers generally stick to the same lines as to why Israel is great, wonderful and deserving of not only God’s love but the love and sacrifice of all Christians.

I want to focus on the history of modern Israel in this post that is propagated over and over again by the “Israel First” Preachers like John Hagee.

What he and others repeat over and over again is that the nation of Israel was supposedly prophesied to come forth in a day.  It did become a nation in one day, May 14, 1948.

The thing is, it took at least 100 years to come into being. Moses Hess was one of the first big time and prototypical Zionists. His seminal work was called “Rome and Jerusalem.” It was originally published in 1862.

Some years later, Moses Hess not only mentored Theodor Hertzel who published the more well known Zionist Book, “The Jewish State,” Hess also mentored Jew, Catholic and Satanist, Karl Marx.

Both of these men set forth to bring their co-religionists under their banner. Winston Churchill observed this and subsequently wrote about it:

Zionism vs Bolshevism

Now, to get back to the matter at hand, keeping the above information in mind, was a nation (Israel) brought forth in a day? It most definitely was not.

During World War I, a Lord Balfour signed a declaration that the British Government was going to set aside land, the land of Palestine for the Jews even though Britain was losing WWI pretty badly at the time.

As it happened, the Americans came into the war after the Balfour Declaration was secured and the “Allies” won the First World War.

Finally, during the build to WWII, the German and Jewish animosity led to Jews trying to leave Germany. One place they were able to go with German approval was, Palestine. There was an agreement made by a certain number of Confederate Jewish Parties and NAZI Germany to  for Germany to create the mechanisms for Jews to move to Palestine.

Those negotiations started shortly after Hitler was elected in 1933. While I am not sure what went on in Palestine from say 35-47 with the momentum the Jews had going over 70 years, I think it’s safe to say they kept building. How else was it that they were able to wage war so quickly after they declared statehood?

I hope most of you understand that the TV Preacher is a devil and the Jews being the only people to ride out time for as long as they have definitely have the patience and nature to manipulate those not in their group to do their bidding.

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