Comics First Look: God Complex

“God Complex 1” is I believe the newest offering from Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow Studios.

I am not really familiar with the creators but, here they are:

God Complex Layout Design

The above looks like an older Image layout page from Jonathan Hickman. Books like Pax Romana and the like had a meticulous layout and design.

After the first few pages, I was expecting a heady book. While I think some interesting things may transpire in “God Complex,” I don’t think I’d be running to the store on release day to pick this series up. Also, it may be based on a property that was first released in 2009.

There are two kinds of people in the world of “God Complex,” the technophiles and luddites. Apparently, there is going to be a war between them.

God Complex 1

The technophiles are further broken down into the few and the many – the rulers and the users.

The rulers bear the names of Roman Gods as do their cities. Rulers have special helmets that they rule the “data streams” and therefore the cities with.

The two cities introduced thus far are Delphi and Argus Heights.

The main character is a non-augmented detective named Seneca who cannot stop himself brooding existentially.

The thing that keeps the momentum up in this story is character development but, there is nothing profound.

Personally, I would have like to see more world development because almost everything revealed about Detective Seneca is pretty standard for someone brooding existentially.

At a time when comics devoid of a Social Justice message are rare, it is incumbent on properties like this one to blow people’s socks off. The creative team on “God Complex” hasn’t done that.

Sharper artwork would have gone a long way too.

God Complex 2

The series going forward is going to be a match-up against the Techno-Elite or Tecnocratic-gods and the so far quasi-religious luddites.

Score: 75/100

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