More Cultural Marxism From Google

There seems to be a pattern that shows Google is a company with an inclination towards Cultural Marxism. Whereas Marxism as most people think of it seeks to break down economic class distinctions, Cultural Marxism seeks to tear down cultural class distinctions to make way for Economic Marxism.

A year or two ago, members of the Alt Right realized that if you queried Google Images for “White Families,” a large number of the results Google returned were not White Families. The results ranged from White Families to Mixed Race Families and Families that weren’t White at all. Searches for Black Families, Asian Families and so on returned the results you were looking for.

At this point in time, the search results for “White Family” show a much improved ratio of White Families but, there still are some pictures like this when you search Google for “White Family:”

Black Family

In the results, there are also pictures of a band called something like “The Big Fat White Family.” One of the pictures of the band prominently shows the singer in the dead center of the picture on a table fully nude, dong out and all.

Other Culturally Marxist “tells” from Google can be seen in some of their “Google Doodles.” A month or two ago, Google featured a “Doodle” from a “Chicana” Poet. I don’t know if she was that great of a poet or even American but, she was a lesbian. That selection taken in a vacuum is probably not a big deal to most people but, Google did not do a “Doodle” for Easter. I want to say they didn’t do one for Christmas either but, I am unsure.

So, Finally yesterday, in searching for American Icons, I queried: American Iconography.

From Merriam Webster:


I was looking for what was referred to in definitions 1 & 2

These are the sub-results that Google came back with for American Iconography:

google american iconography

In case you can’t make them out, they are: ww2 woman, star wars, syphilis, gonorrhea, feminist, hindu, native american, saint, satanic, video game, indian, and medical,

Looking at the results of the iconography of America on might conclude we are a bunch of Hindu Feminist World War 2 Women who practice Satanism and itch our VD while we play Star Wars Video Games.

At best, the results for “American Iconography return Pop Art and the “Join or Die” flag and a few pictures of old celebrities.

How Gonorrhea, Syphilis and really how most if not all of the above subjects are representative of America, I cannot fathom.

Where are the famous photos and truly inspirational figures? If nothing else, they should have at least thrown in Andy Warhol…

That’s how Cultural Marxism works though. I surprised the results didn’t return a lynching.

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