“Speak American” Chastisement Sparks 10 Day Ordeal

There have been a number “controversies” between Generational Americans and Immigrants in the last 5-10 years. I can recall a few. First, there was a row over 5, May the Mexican Independence Celebration. There was some kind of clash between the Blue-Blooded Americans regarding the in class Mexican Independence revelry.

Cinco De Mayo Eagle

More recently, the Multi-Cult deemed the Murican Flag offensive in a few schools. Then, during the Trump Campaign, there were several instances of White sports teams chiding Latinx teams. We White Americans who have been here in our White Nation who are defending our usually get in trouble.

In The Alt Right, Nationalist, National Socialist and Trump America, the tide on punishments may be turning.

As the story goes:

A video clip recorded on a cell phone inside a New Jersey classroom reportedly shows a teacher confronting her students and telling them to “speak American.”

A teacher at Cliffside Park High School said, “men and women are fighting.” WPIX reported. “They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They are fighting for you right to speak American.”

Cliffside Park High School is in NJ. The story goes onto say that a student in question walked out immediately and to inform the readers that there are a lot of beaners at the school.

The teacher’s recourse to military patriotism to reprimand the taco-benders is typical of what is taught to a Conservative or Republican but could have been effective if used as a wedge to expound upon.

Most follow up statements would probably be deemed too racist and therefore the Teachers original statement impotent either way.

A student did call the teacher racist. Students also staged a walkout at some point during the week or ten days, something I always thought was highly and self-righteously homosexual.

Good news for the Teacher is that she did not lose her job. She did however have to apologize to the school over the P.A. system.

It may have been that she did not get into too much trouble because she is an English Teacher.

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