Where To Read Comics Gratis


Bane Comics 1


Sometime around 2013-2015, comics became a vehicle for degenerate social change in the vein of Diversity. They started earlier with the fag stuff.

I was over comics before the worst of the SJW stuff came to be and weened myself off of them.

Leaving comics behind was part of my journey involving the 14 Words. Nationalism, National Socialism and the like led to a change in a lot of my tastes particularly pertaining to entertainment.

I am largely just a computer and book guy now. As the old saying goes though, “all work and no play makes Kemperor a dull boy.”

When the subject of obtaining entertainment for free first crossed my mind, I thought of it as stealing. After much thought though, I came to realize the companies and persons involved in creating entertainment for the masses are out to degrade and destroy their customers; that if they want to wage war, I will too. Therefore, I try to do everything Entertainment Media on the cheap or for free.

There are two reliable sites I found where you can read comics – current to the week or sooner – online for free. There are relatively only small problems with the sites.

See Below


AnimeRight Girl W Pill


The first one is:


readcomiconline probably will not have new books online the day of their release but, the way they structure their ads and the bookmark feature for those who sign up is much better than the second site.

The second site is:


readcomics does get at least some books online the day of their release. The ads on the site are annoying and potentially misleading telling you to sign up and pay for privileges to all sorts of pulp entertainment when you do not have to.

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