NYC’s Culturally Marxist Meatless Monday Meal Pilot Program

I foresee Office Cucks and NEETs in the new order of the world required to and restricted to vegetarian diets but it is not so much about farm land or animal cruelty.

Vegan Zombie

In the coming highly stratified society of the chosen ones and their morlock slave people, the chosen ones are going to want a weak bodied and dull witted people. I was listening to one of Jay Dyer’s podcasts wherein, he said as far back as Plato, men were discussing how to feed the lesser lower class men. By feeding the underlings a substandard food, there will be another evolutionary fork. Look how short the Mesitzos are.

Making vegetarianism and veganism hip, edgy and compassionate, in the grand scheme of things, has done very little. Pop Science, too has done very little (I hate all that shit, I’m going to Arby’s for a Brisket.)

People who are vegetarian or vegan and make say the Navy Seals, that one guy who does it, people generally look at him like a freak. They don’t get any privilege points for eating plants. A vegetarian can’t sue a baker who won’t make him or her a “5 years vegan cake.”

So what do the Elite and Chosen Do?

The new gambit, it seems, is to up the ante and bring the Vagitarian meals into the schools widely in NYC. They are going to be doing it in Brooklyn at fifteen schools. NYC’s Mayor (who uses an alias and pretends to be Italian) and his Ulgy Black, Ex-Lesbian Wife (who uses her Maiden Name) will also be going meatless on Mondays.

Here’s the round up from The NY Post:

Hoping to wean city kids off meat, the Department of Education is introducing a once-a-week, vegetarian-only breakfast and lunch menu at 15 Brooklyn schools next spring, officials said.

Dubbed “Meatless Mondays,” the plant-based program could quickly expand to other days and boroughs if kids start to embrace their inner herbivores, Mayor de Blasio.

I’m sure it’s going to other schools and other States, etc.

DeBlasio, himself, in part gave this statement:

“Even if you had a bacon, egg and cheese this morning, you still should want to see more and more of our diets go to a plant-based approach,” the mayor said Monday. “It’s good for everyone, and this is about recognizing our own health and the health of the planet.”

I’d like to see him say that to midget Mexicans and a dirty Indian trying to eat a shoe.



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