(((Cockroach))) vs Trump Movie Planned

The boring Trump = Hitler meme has reached to new potential heights while scraping the bottom of the barrel. An (((Adam Goldberg))) is trying to vitalize his career, it seems, by going after Trump.

adam goldberg

He looks somewhat like a mannish Sarah Silverman

I’m not sure this guy was ever anything big but he does have a memorable look for some reason, kind of like that Italian guy from “The Boiler Room,” Giovanni Ribisi.

Apparently, Adam Goldberg, he was in Inglorious Bastards. Sometime before that, he was the lead(probably the only lead he has ever played) in a kind of parody of Blacksploitation movies. It was called “The Hebrew Hammer.” It was pretty unique but, it wasn’t funny.

Hebrew Hammer Red

I’m pretty sure the guy actually fought Santa and that Santa was evil (at least in the eyes of a Jew) in “The Hebrew Hammer.”

Also, true to form, the Jews pretty deeply denigrated themselves parodying/mocking the Biblical(?) story of Esther and her Uncle Mordaci by naming the Goldberg and his love interest after the two.

It was one of those shitty movies that they play non-stop, or at least used to on (((Comedy Central))). When I saw it, I honestly thought it was made for TV or Comedy Central.

It was no surprise then when I saw that the sequel, vs Hitler is being made through crowdfunding.

Did I say the trailer or promo or whatever makes Trump out to be Hitler? The movie information and donation/investment page says the Jewish Hammer will be going back in time but it doesn’t say to what time.

At the rate they are going on the crowdfunding site, the movie promoted below will be made.



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