Metal Gear: Taylor Swift

A new Taylor Swift video came out today for the song “…ready for it.” It’s whatever. On the bright side, there aren’t a bunch of faggots in drag.

I looked back and the song itself was released “a month ago” according to Youtube. I don’t like it and there is nothing really funny to write about it.

The video is pretty much the same, the hook or the chorus or bridge kills the song. I don’t want to hear about her sexing up some dude. She should let the colored and Miley Cyrus do that.

The atmosphere and costume design in the video are pretty cool from when she walks in the building until she gets into the main room. It flickers from there.

They definitely didn’t spare any expense though.


Once Miss Swift gets into the main room, there is a sequence of armor shots. IDK what they have to do with the song. Then again, IDK what the first song was about.

Both videos are definitely flashy.

Her rain coat seems nice too. Whatever material it’s made out of would probably make you look like you were wearing a costume if you wore something similar.


If I’m not mistaken, the album releases 12/11.

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