Weekend Entertainment Wind Down With Your TV: Sat, 10/28

This week: Bretty Good YT Channel And Shitty Ones, Home Video -War For The Planet Of The Apes.


Planet Of The Apes:

Planet of the apes png


Planet Of The Apes “War For Planet Of The Apes” was rated 9.5 by IGN. The movie is the fourth one in the reboot if you count the one with Mark Walhberg. The other two were okay. The second film had the origin of the super ape. I guess he’d be a superhero if he wasn’t going on to set off a chain of events and wipe out mankind.

Jewish convert, James Franco stared in that second film. That guy would be a lot cooler if he didn’t get mixed up in the crowd that he did. The cool thing about the hero Ape, Ceaser and his brethren is that they know basic Fascist Ideology. James Franco didn’t teach him that.

I forget what happened in the third movie, and I don’t want to spoil it. I guess it was pretty good.

I have to recommend against the new release. I say that gay nigga(er) Deray is portrayed in it and I feel it might give POC the wrong ideas about how things world turn out if they did win the race war…

I don’t think the Joozians even make a cameo in the Planet Of The Apes movies. If it were IRL, the Joos would have a plan to seize control. Like Fuhrer Mel said “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” I am sure the yids are just waiting to make their move on all scenarios. I think it’s going to involve: Mark Zuckerberg, his plain looking Asian Wife, robots, and hordes of vicious chinks.

So, What to Watch???

tv 10x10

Down The Rabbit Hole:

Down The Rabbit Hole is a Youtube Channel that offers interesting, entertaining, and educational programming. The topics range from internet culture to worldy/educational stuff.

I watched three or four episodes of “Down The Rabbit Hole” last night. The narrator has a pretty good voice and seems to put time into crafting his presentations. The guy seems and looks pretty young. It’s surprising. I think there probably are some throw away episodes but at the same time, I think the guy has made a decent sized library.

For a pretty straight laced looking guy, his logo is one of those two image subliminals. On one level, it’s a rabbit, and on the other it’s a goat. I didn’t run across anything else odd in his work though.

The episodes I watched were as follows:

  • A Modern Malthusian Huckster Scientist.
  • The Worst Book In The World.
  • A Creepy Genius Who I Think Was A Pedo (the usual suspects seem to have glorified him).
  • An Oddball but brilliant Reddit Writer who runs the boards.


What Not To Watch On Youtube:



The following channels suck so much, it’s not worth trying to watch them even to glean something useful. They are all self-proclaimed Christian Channels. IDEK WTF they’re talking about half the time.

  • FaceLikeTheSun: This fucker should kill himself now.
  • Vigilant Citizen
  • Vigilant Christian
  • And some other Vigilant

They are all POS and maybe shills, or Jews or other Anti-Christs. They want yo money too. They all have huge followings. 13 year olds must be their subscribers. That makes it all the more worse.


This segment was a spur of the moment idea. It will probably be wriitten each week but better.

Weekend Mass:

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

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  1. Since I can’t become a “new” boycott Hollywood consumer, I decided to rip every DVD and BluRay my Library had to offer. Damn, they have more movies and audio than Blockbuster had the day they closed.
    Now folks send me used hard drives so we can ALL redistribute the entertainment industries political donations.

    Next will come the civil disobedience aimed at the bigger multiplexes and music venues.

    Pedowood will die and we all hope the pervs get bought up by the Chinese so it can pretend tolerance with better acting.


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