How Disturbed Is The BiSexual Kevin Spacey?

Above, Mr. Spacey admits to carrying on relationships with both men and women. This is not unlike the terribly degenerate sociopath he plays or played in the shitty Netflix political drama, House Of Cards. I reviewed the four seasons of the show I’ve seen here.

According to the radio shows I have listened to this morning, they describe Spacey as gay. Accordingly though, as per the definition of Gay, from what Spacey Tweeted, he is a Bisexual.

According to Wikipedia, there has been speculations on the man’s sexuality since at least the mid 2000s:

“An article in The Sunday Times Magazine stated that Spacey’s “love affair with acting, and the absence of a visible partner in the life of an attractive 40-year-old, has resulted in Esquire magazine asserting two years ago that he must be gay.”[54] He responded to the rumors by telling Playboy and other interviewers that he was not gay, and telling Lesley White of The Sunday Times,

“I chose for a long time not to answer these questions because of the manner in which they were asked, and because I was never talking to someone I trusted, so why should I? Recently I chose to participate because it’s a little hard on the people I love.”

While personally, I found the man likable, I think his best work was done in “The Usual Suspects” and “Seven.” Looking back, I think you can see some flashes of a disturbed sodomite.


He is definitely a big name. The work he has done this Century was pretty subversive, not just weird or clever or weird and clever. American Beauty is a terribly subversive film. KPax was some alien/New Age BS. In Horrible Bosses, he was interesting but, those two were ultimately jerkoff films that pushed the bounds of decency.

It’s s somewhat ironic and, maybe some would say poetic justice that while playing the role that he plays now, one that is most like himself, a powerful bisexual, that the grown up 14 year old boy whom Spacey basically tried to forcibly seduce for sodomy comes forward to tell his story.

Spacey has never been married and hangs out with Bill Clinton. Will more boys come forward? Will Bill Clinton come forward?

More often then not, more victims do come forward. Last week was filled with sexual assault stories. I leave off wondering how many more sodomite and sexual assault stories we will here in the next two weeks.

Note: I did not want to go into the details of Spacey’s sodomite assault. They can be found around the web easily. Generally Faggotry is also angry at Spacey.

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