Kevin Spacey’s Attempted Pedo Raping Fallout

Actors in demand like Kevin Spacey usually have projects lined up for two or three years. Surprisingly, he was cast in four movies this year alone. None are all that big though. His next project is releasing very soon, unless of course it is cancelled. It is entitled “Rebel in the Rye” and has something to do with JD Salinger. JD Salinger of “Catcher In The Rye Fame.”

Rebel in the rye

The poster uncannily conjures the imagery of Spacey’s predilections a little too well.

The vocal “I’m a homo, I’m great, my anus will never prolapse and my love is love crowd” are angry at Spacey because Spacey is or was a homo with enough decency to recognize that what he does is not natural. I guess he’s somewhat old school maybe feeling shame at his lifestyle.

His once critically acclaimed work of poz “House Of Cards” is being cancelled. The network, the notoriously subversive Netflix said they had made the decision to cancel the show before the revelations pertaining to Spacey came out. That makes sense to me, the show was a real dog. The first season was novel but each season after got worse and worse and more and more cartoonish.

I wonder what Mr. Spacey’s big bud Bill Clinton thinks of the goings ons. Will Spacey be invited to the Clinton jams in the Hamptons any longer?

From 4Chan:

4chan spacey

On a Personal Note:

Tail Slide

Stock Photo

I skateboarded for around 9 years. One time I was at one of my town’s big spots by myself when I was 14 or 15. There were still payphones at that time. So, the phone would ring and sometimes we’d pick it up. That day when I picked up the phone, there turned out to be a pedo on the other line. At first, I thought it was funny, a joke. The thing is though the guy got down to business and was like “yea, I’m into guys around your age. I’d like to pay you to for pictures, they wouldn’t be overtly sexual etc. I’ve got some outfits, we could do some without your shirt. Good money.”

Half of me didn’t believe it and half of me felt pretty sick. It stuck with me for a while but nobody I told really cared.

I forgot about that for a long time until this Spacey story. The victim of Spacey, the Rapp kid, must have been shitting his pants and puking at the same time.


The Rapp guy, in my estimation is now about 44. He is still an actor and from what I’ve heard, works on the new Stark Trek television series.


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