Profoundly Worthless Responses To The NYC Terror Attack

We do not need any Muslims here in America. We need none whatsoever. There are a lot of groups here we don’t need.

The thing is, the Muslims and other groups are here and in Europe. Those of us that realize the gravity of the problem and the uselessness of these people and the problems they truly cause do not have the power to remove them.

I’m not sure if there is a terror season. It seems it’s maybe spring and fall. Yesterday, the Uzbekistani that killed 5 tourists on the Lower West Side(maybe in the Financial District) of Manhattan, the Homicidal Home Depot Truck Driver, who got here on a “Diversity Visa” program, had no reason to be here.


We take care of our own goats.

For some reason, there is a “Diversity Visa” program that allows up to 50k Uzbekistani people into our country every year. I don’t think we need any sheep or goat herders with a foreign god that does not exist that promulgates a religion of conquest.

As a matter of fact, the Homicidal Home Depot Truck Driver got into our country on one such a “Diversity” Green Card program.

As the rest of them and the other colored immigrants that are so inclined take our jobs and rape, rob and murder, One World Trade Center will be lit up “Red White and Blue”so we remember to care about the dead and maybe the future dead.

Never mind Jesus said let the dead bury the dead and that if the strong man knew “they” were coming to plunder him, he’d watch(take action).

red white and blue 600

The victims of the Homicidal Home Depot attack were remembered last night in a moment of silence at the Rangers games. Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, and Jews aren’t going to watch hockey. The sport should be worried about it’s own death from demographics.

The “Terror Suspect” himself was known to the authorities from another Terror Investigation. Note, I can not confirm this with a citation other than to say I heard it on 880AM or 1010AM in NY this morning on the radio.

It was surprising how quickly this incident was identified as one of Terrorism. Even New York’s Cuckold Commie Mayor agreed.

DeBlasio New Yorker Magazine

The guy tells it like it is and lives it how he loves it. At some point he said I want to court and marry an ugly dark skinned black lesbian negro and, he did!

He’s tough too, check out this quote:

“based on the information, this was an act of terror,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who called it “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

It may seem like the same tired old tripe. It must be remembered though, De Blasio is not the man’s real name. He just pretends to be Italian.

He’s a tough guy.

The Governor of NY State, Andrew Cuomo for his part had this to say:

“We go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever, we’re not going to let them win, and if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them, then they win and we lose,”

I’m not sure how that computes. Both he and De Blasio will not even cooperate with ICE on convicted criminal illegal alien deportations.

In closing, I hope that I have not fudged up and mistakenly fingered a Muslim wrongfully. I see and hear reports that claim the terrorist was saying “God is Great.” It is my impression that Muslims worship Allah, a god that is no God and who does not exist.

I will update you, dear reader as needed on this issue if the Terrorist turns out to be a cis hetero White Christian Male.

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