Ricky Vaughn Has Made The Congressional Record

Vaughn Pic

A dykish Congresswoman had words for Ricky_Vaughn99 today.


Dykey Congresswoman: Tell me about Ricky Vaughn! Why isn’t he here today to tell us why he didn’t want Black People to vote? Is he in Russia?

The Dykey Congresswoman’s aide sidles up.

Aide: Ma’am you’ve just received a Tweet.

Dykey Congrsswoman: Is it him?

Aide: I don’t know but he has a Wild Thing avi, Congresswoman.

Dykey Congresswoman: What does it say?

Aide: It, it says, “Do all the chud Members of Congress think Black People are stupid enough to try vote on their phones?”

Dykey Congress Woman: Quick, Tweet back…

Aide: Ma’am, the… the accounts been deactivated…

The above is a partial transcript from of the Congressional Hearing that took place yesterday regarding Russian meddling in the Clinton vs Trump Election.

I knew Ricky was good but I didn’t realize he watched things that closely and can seemingly get members of Congress’ attention on demand.

Here is what some media outlet had on the story:

Ricky Vaughn

To my knowledge, Mr. Vaughn(that is his real name) is not Russian or in any way Russian.

I would contact him for a quote but he’s gotten so into this shit, he has to change his accounts at least once a week.

Shout out to WhiteGenocideTM aka Donald Trumpowitz for also making the Congressional Record a while back.

If either of these guys ever take their Grand Kids to D.C., they could most definitely look up the testimony given about them to show said Grand Kids.

Vaughn watching Vaughn


Frankly, I’m not sure what a “chud” is and I didn’t really care for the word at first. After having seen Mr. Vaughn Tweet it a few times though, I came to like it.


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