The Best Damn Little Holocaust Video Game (Not Wolfenstein)

I remember several times in years past when I still played video games. At those times, I remembered thinking to myself: why can’t I play as a Jew at a real concentration camp in wait to be Holocausted.

My Judeo-Christian Evangelical friend and I talked about playing concentration camp at some length when the Nintendo Virtual Boy had it’s short and shitty stint.

I brought up the prospect of multiplayer while playing Holocaust. Somebody had to be the guard, right?

My friend was convinced a Nintendo Virtual Boy Holocaust game would be great and he really wanted to get burnt up in a sacrifice as a Chosen One. My friend thought the red display of the Virtual Boy would really convey the fire.

Virtual Boy.jpg

I don’t talk to that guy anymore. He also owes me $500 because I proved the Holocaust never happened.

A Brighter Future:

If I ever get that $500, I am definitely going to buy one of those new VR headsets. They’re really dumb but, I really want to play the new concentration camp game, Witness: Auschwitz.

I’ve heard so much about the fantasy, I feel the need to live the fantasy in VR. Until the game or simulation or whatever the fuck is released, I have this teaser trailer to hold me over:


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