Anti-Semites Don’t Understand How Diversity and Justice Work

The Jews as a class are the most precious. The Berman Jewish Databank estimates there are around ~23 million Jews in the world according to a broad metric and that ~10 million of them live in the United States. That means that, to use a phrase coined by Jews, in the of home of “truth, justice and the American way,” that the smallest of minorities must undoubtedly hold the reins of power. That holds true of the world too. Listen to Superman

Superman BLack and Red

Now, don’t be jelly and say they made it too the top because of handouts and their awesome Khazar Milkers. Those things helped but, along with hard work they also lied cheated, stole, robbed and murdered. All of that is okay because, as I said, they are the most precious minority.

Some might say sure but, they are devils, the children of Satan, ugly and just generally unpleasant. The thing is, they’re still the most precious minority, they get to do that just as niggers do what they do and Moslems Jihad.

The size of a minority in America has privilege inversely proportional to their population’s size.

Some though, try to buck this law:

  • Anti-Semitic Incidents/Hate Crimes are up 2/3 or ~67% Nationwide.
  • New York had the most Anti-Semitic incidents. This is not too surprising though considering that New York has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel.

If you don’t like the way things work, why don’t you go live in China.

The “American Way” is not backwards, this is the Greatest Country on Erf.


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