The Spirit Of Aleister Crowely Is Alive And Well

“The Most Wicked Man In The World,” Aleister Crowely is a most infamous cultural figure of the first half of the 1900s. He is obviously greatly overshaddowed by Adolf Hitler and the other “icons” of the Third Reich. Whereas the figures of The Reich are known for their political marks on the world, Crowely is known for his spiritual marks and effects.

Crowely Hat

Crowely was born into a very elite sect of strict Christianity. His Father died early and Crowely quickly went from a Church boy to a hardcore rebel or even devil. Before long, his Mother was calling him the Beast. 666 was later added to that nickname in Crowely’s adulthood. He liked it. A newspaper in his native Britain was who dubbed him “The Most Wicked Man In The World.” A lot of people close to him throughout his life met with an early and tragic end.

Unlike a Western geopolitical figure or regime, Occultists are often not that well known. Seemingly, a great majority of these men and women are hucksters and sometimes psychopaths like Jim Jones. If you look in the kooky/spooky and Occult sections in say, a Barnes and Noble Bookseller, most of the stuff is junk and/or will not have a relatively long shelf-life.

The writings of Crowely are almost always at least in the various Barnes and Nobles in my area. He has quite a few works. He said of the first book regarding his fiendish religion and philosophy, Thelema, that it was channeled by some type of entity. A drawing of the entity looks like a more broad bodied “Grey Alien” with normal or eyes proportioned like mankind.


Crowely’s channeled work was called the Book of the Law. It is said to have been channeled in early April 1904.

Crowely wrote many books and studied all sorts of occulted traditions. He was a traveler. He was able to devote his life to developing a system of spiritual debauchery as he was a trust fund kid.

The books are widely available, more so than I have led on. I’ve listened to parts of two of them on Youtube. They may seem mundane to some, especially for the works of “The Most Wickedest Man In The World.” However, those first two that I have listened to are extremely subtle. Some might say it’s a code. That is esotericism though. The meaning is not supposed to be clear to the uninitiated. They are said to contain instructions for magic.

How much of and how many of the stories of Aleister Crowely are true may no longer be able to be determined. I have no doubt the man himself was a liar and I have no doubt there are many apologists for him and his cause. There are also wonky Kirk Cameron Christians and probably Scam Artist Pastors who will embellish or straight up lie about the man out of misinformation, fear or for their own gain.

“They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll,” broadly speaking, is a half-baked documentary on devilishness in Rock and Roll history. It does get some things right in there are some famous musicians that are or were into Satanism and The Occult. I am sure there are plenty of people like that in the entertainment industry.

In regard to Crowely, Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin and most likely, Ozzy Osbourne both studied Crowely. Jimmy Page owned Crowely’s old home on the Loch Ness for some time and Osbourne wrote a song about Crowely.

Sgt Pepper

Crowely is on the top row in this Beatles album cover, second from the left.

I used to think about Crowely and his group, the O.T.O. as something that was in the past and maybe just a curiosity for people who had by chance heard of him and the O.T.O. This is not true. On Youtube, there are currently lectures and lessons given by the modern day O.T.O. that were recorded before a class.

The O.T.O. has at least one Lodge or Hall [in almost every state.](

I wanted to share this overview. I find it absolutely bizarre that people are into this shit. They’re probably most likely all sociopaths.

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