NYPD’s Finest: Rapists Or “Buddy Cops???

What happened to buddy cop movies?

Lethal Weapon BW

Are they still looking for the ball after Mel G.(ibson) hit it out of the park in the Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy? Jackie Chan and that Black guy tried in Rush Hour. They even went to China.

After scenes like the one of Mel opening up on a helicopter gunship from his love shack on the beach, where could the genre really go? The Rush Hour Black guy knew Mel killed it, he tried to get as much money as he could no regardless of how outrageous his demands were. Even Joe Pesci pretty much threw in the towel after Lethal Weapon and he wasn’t even a “buddy cop.”

Real life rape charges against two NYPD Naroctics Detectives light the path as to where the “buddy cop” genre needs to go: grittier.

Rape Detectives

Detective Hall and Detective Martins, their names are good for movies.

Opening scene:

The two Brooklyn cops charged with raping a handcuffed teenage girl in the back of their police van have quit their jobs, police said Monday.

Disgraced Officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall showed up at police headquarters in the morning to resign under pressure because they already had been charged with the crime and suspended without pay.

Buddy cops “Martins and Hall have claimed the sex was consensual, police sources said.”

What’s the motive?

behavior like the allegations against Martins and Hall “tarnishes all of the admirable things accomplished by other, good officers every day.”

So right now, the story is getting deep and I’m wondering, whatsup in Martins, is he White?

We pick the right actor, he can appeal to the Latinx Crowd and White people. If we raise enough money, we’re going to bring in Gibson to at least consult.

If you believe Buddy Cop Movies can be great again, please donate, here. No donation is required.

Charlie Serpico


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