Former FBI Director James Comey Dressed Down By The Anime Right

James Comey, he was a pretty powerful man as the Director of the FBI for the entire United States.

comey dejected

A member of the Anime Right gave him a shot across his bow recently

Hillary Clinton said Comey cost her the Presidency.

Comey’s parting shots working under Trump were a major impetus that lead President Trump and his Administration to come under investigation.

While we here on the #AnimeRight may or may not be flying a flag similar to the words of #NotMyPresident, we don’t endorse Comey. We definitely don’t endorse Comey.

James Comey is sitting pretty with a book deal and 360k followers on Twitter. We are sure he has friends in the FBI. However, that did not stop one of our top men from dressing him down.

Zanting Comey

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