Palm Springs Perverts Run The Entire City

“With the election of Lisa(Middleton) and Christy Holstege, the city of Palm Springs will now be represented by a city council that is 100 percent LGBTQ” said the Advocate.

They’ve got:

Lisa “Grandma has a present for you” Middleton

Lisa Middleton

She’s the one you need to be most happy for. She overcame her biological imperative to become what she is not.


Christie Holstege

Christie Holstege

She overcame her creepy looks and masculine last name by munching carpet on the side. Think of what she’ll do for Palm Springs 😉


Geoff Kors

Geoff Kors

Lovely… I’m not sure why his parents spelled his name like they live in England. Maybe his parents pretentiousness helped make him the dandy he is today. He wants to love you, won’t you love him???


Finally, J.R. Roberts

jr roberts

Don’t cross him, he’ll rough you up the way he does young guys. Like them, he’ll call you a faggot too.


Unfortunately, according to Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, president and CEO of Victory Fund, we’re not doing enough:

“Trans people remain severely underrepresented in government nationwide, so Lisa’s victory is important not just for Palm Springs or California, but for the entire country. Now more than ever, we need trans voices in the halls of power because they humanize our lives, change the debate and move forward more inclusive legislation. Lisa’s historic election victory will be remembered as an important milestone in the movement for LGBTQ equality, and will undoubtedly inspire other trans people to run for office and win.”

Something has to change.





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