Louis C.K. Yanks It Hostile In Front Of Yentas???

Louis C.K. is a Jewish-Mexican American Comedian, Writer, etc. Apparently, he has  written for some pretty big acts. After earning his stripes as a writer and through his standup, he got a show, “Louie.” It ran for several years.  C.K. was also set to release a movie with a kind of pederast sexual dynamic.


C.K.’s show, Louie ran on the FX Channel. I thought it had an interesting aesthetic and watched it twice, I think. The one episode was okay but not really funny. The other episode I saw was sexually degenerate – his ladyfriend in the show being from the extremely degenerate “Californication.” Californication starred David Duchovoney of X-Files fame, whom he himself has had a number of sexual scandals.

And they’re all members of the tribe…

I never cared for C.K. or “Louie.” There was something inherently degenerate about the guy. It was pointed out to me later on that even though C.K. is a Mexican Jew, he likes to make a lot of jokes at “the White Man’s” expense while passing himself off as White.

Low Life.png

As it seems, C.K. blurred his real life and persona into the show. I believe the guy is really most likely a bona-fide low life. Is he a sexual predator, I don’t know.

Right now, even though the story has been out over 16 hours, there is really not that much to go on. However, C.K.’s movie has been “shelved” and at least one appearance  on a late night talk show has been cancelled.

The allegations against the guy so far are as follows:

Five women — including comedians Dana Min Goodman, Abby Schachner, Julia Wolov and Rebecca Corry — allege C.K. either masturbated in front of them, asked to do so or did so over the phone.

Last week in one of my articles on Kevin Spacey, I was pretty sure there were going to be more of these sexual complaints coming to light but didn’t want to commit to a prediction.

At this point I think there will be another solid week or two of new allegations. I also think that these current allegations, and the shows the accused are working/worked on will lead to these types of problems snowballing and becoming more frequent in the future.

CNN is trying to unlock the secrets of  Why Men Use Masturbation To Harass Women? I don’t know if they are really the network to help out with these problems.

Personally, I think a bullycidal approach, berating offenders like C.K. about how they’re too much of a fucked up loser to obtain and maintain meaningful relationships is a far more superior course of action.




C.K. did admit to yanking it in front of Yenta’s late in the day. According to a report I heard on the radio that he stopped short of saying he was sorry.

Note: I myself don’t put much stock into saying “I’m sorry.” Sorry is a feeling. More often than not, I will feel bad or embarrassed or stupid. If you look up “apologize” it basically means to air your excuse. I think more adults probably do that than “soarry.”

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