Trump Doesn’t Care About Whores

Credence that Trump grabs womens by the pussy, and for the other pre-election bombshell that he harassed 20 some-odd women looks to be at an all time low.

Trump Kitty

Trump was in Moscow in 2013 for his Miss Universe Pageant. Yesterday, his then bodyguard testified that a Russian offered to send then Mr. Trump five girls for the night. The bodyguard, Mr. Keith Schiller declined the Russian’s offer stating “we don’t do that.” Mr. Schiller testified to that yesterday in a closed door hearing. Mr. Schiller’s testimony was later leaked to NBC News. All this is according to The Daily Mail.

While I don’t doubt Trump has been a Groyper. Any woman he actually Groyped, I would think liked it. I doubt he has ever raped a woman like it seems Slick Willy and Doctor Huxtable have. It seems pretty readily apparent that the man does have a common decency to him.

Where are all the accusers from before Trump was elected? What happened to the Trump Dossier? What happened to the peeing girls?

Emperor 2

In politics, if almost everyone who is everyone hates you, you’re probably doing the right thing.

Way, way too many Jews around him though.

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