International Tolerance Day 11/16: Do It!!!

Fett Hail The New Dawn

In ’95, the U.N. observed a year of tolerance. That’s disgusting.

I am pretty sure this Tolerance Day affected me while I was in school and impressionable. I remember that shit sticking in my craw.

The good news is, I remember White people were the ones having to tolerate invader type bullshit.

Since at least ’96, Many of the White/Christian Majority have put up with tolerance day and a general climate of tolerance. It’s time to turn this thing around and demand we be tolerated.

10 Best Memes 6-25 9

I guess he’s with a woman, not sure… Either way, half cucks and Zio’s shall not be tolerated.

What I suggest:

  1. Blitzkrieg Roundups. They need to be initiated asap on any neighborhoods that are threats. Those neighborhoods include and are limited to, any high crime Black or Mestizo neighborhood. “All no go zones” and any neighborhoods Jews have taken over. POC need to tolerate our need for law and order.
  2. Any Indian food cooked in the vicinity of White people who think it stinks will be given the right to have the food and the Dotdian removed. Indian people need to tolerate our right not to gag in the work place.
  3. Five S.A. Blacks need be destroyed for every S.A. White killed by the blacks. Black people need to tolerate their benefactors.
  4. The U.S. Legislature gives Trump the Wall Money. Democrats and Cucks need to tolerate National Security
  5. All “refugees” in the EU will be sent back to their homes in the South with a promise of peace. The detritous needs to tolerate European’s space.
  6. Neutron Bombs will be launched at the “reintegrated south.” The Southerners need to tolerate Europeans needs not to be bothered.


Note: Demand #6 may not happen this year or next.

There is some more basic info here:

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