Rebel Without A Brain: Steve Bannon

Breitbart News was interesting to watch while it lasted. They were the furthest right mainstream/professional news organization for quite a while. Steve Bannon is at the center of that.

Some of you may remember Glenn Beck using Breitbart as a primary source until he tried to do his own thing. Beck and his “The Blaze” seems to have fallen on hard times.

Rebel Without A Brain

While Steve Bannon rode the Tump Train into the White House, it seems he accomplished very little there. Having made it to into the White House was probably Bannon’s peak.

I believe, while Bannon was either transitioning into the White House or in the White House, he made the odd statement of how he wanted to be like a Bolshevik Leader and Smash the State. He wanted to then keep smashing it.

The Jewish Daily Forward wrote an article the other day on Bannon. They have him as saying:

“We celebrated today in the Trump movement as MAGA Day,” said Steve Bannon, Trump’s former top strategist who is now back at Breitbart News, in an interview with The New York Times. “Right? A high holy day…. And we’ll celebrate it like Bastille Day going forward.”
I’m not sure what is going on with this guy. His metaphors do not compute. If you take them individually or in tandem, together with the Trump Election, I don’t think too many Trump Voters signed up for a bloody and flitty French Revolution or a bloody Bolshevik styled Revolution.
I think the novel thing that Trump brought to the table was his Nationalistic Tendencies.
Those tendencies seem to have receded in Trump since he was elected.
Steve Bannon is now trying to revive the Nationalistic Trump.
For all the accusations that have swirled around Trump and Bannon, including and especially outright anti-semitism, Bannon now seems to be trying to reset the Trump Nationalistic Agenda with the help of Jewish organizations and power.
Keep in mind that the Jewish Population in America is around 2%. Also keep in mind that the Jews contribute the most money in American Politics.
To that end, Bannon is meeting with Jewish Groups and talking about what Trump can do with them. It’s a longish story but can be found here. Bannon even declared himself a “Proud Christian Zionist.”
The Big, Bad, Mean Steve Bannon who was once played by Rosie O’Donnell who proclaimed Trump and “America First,” is now seemingly bargaining with Jewish Lobbyists to move “America First” forward. His bargaining chip being the Iran Deal.
In a nutshell, Bannon is calling on Jewish Groups to help elect members to the U.S. Legislature who are more hard right.
More meddling in the Middle East is not an America First Policy.
maga supreme

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