Lunatic Fringe Fake News And The Texas Church Shooter

You may have seen a friend link to it on Twitter, etc. It’s a completely absurd news site called YourNewsWire.

When the Church in a small town outside of San Antonio, TX was recently massacred, a few people I follow on Social Media linked to an update on the story at YourNewsWire. The senseless murders were made even more dramatic than they were at the time by the false story YourNewsWire posted about it. It has been nearly two weeks and that fake news story is still up.

Kelley Fake News

YourNewWire reported that the Mass Murderer, Devin Kelley, was an “ANTIFA Member Who Vowed To Start A Civil War.” The story was replete with a misleading and fake photo arrangement.

If you’ll recall, the shooting took place only a few days after Antifa proclaimed a nationwide day of revolutionary action.

While Devin Kelley was an incredible piece shit, the lack of any corroboration from anywhere on what YourNewsWire wrote about Kelley, should lead anyone with two brain cells to realize the story wasn’t true. A decent scan of the site will reveal that the whole site too, is garbage. The only sites carrying a similar line on Kelley are the ones in league with and of the same flavor as YourNewsWire.

Unfortunately, for even the most experienced of Twitterfags (and it was a big account) and a middle of the road Twitterfag, like yours truly, a site like YourNewsWire can fuck you up for a minute. Every time there is big story, there is wrong information and disinformation. YourNewsWire however is straight up fake news that seems to do well with the lunatic fringe.

Watch for it, and help each other out. Friends don’t let friends read YourNewsWire.

What is YourNewsWire? According to The Holywood Reporter, it’s the creation of a homosexual couple “Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 36, who talks of “the holographic nature of the world,” and his husband and business partner, Sinclair Treadway, 24.”

Britain Gay Marriage

It’s kind of like the site David Icke, the Theosophical Reptile Hunter, and the most off-point yet obnoxious conspiracy theory-artist specializing crisis actor stories got together and fell in love. Then, after years of dropping acid and mashing, demonic butt babies fell out of each of the men, became one entity, and taught Icke and his young lover the real truth.

Those are the kinds minds I imagine dream up the stories you get at YourNewsWire. People who read YourNewsWire for-reals are probably not far off from making that story a reality.

Oddly… or appropriately, the only legitimate story on YourNewsWire I saw on their homepage today, 11/16/17 was the breaking one about the 20 allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct levelled against the now “homosexual” Kevin Spacey.

What YourNewsWire is, is really Alex Jones/David Icke 2.0 in online news form. Personally, I cannot take any of these sites and people seriously. A key component of all these 2.0’s is to get crazier and more esoteric and more specialized.

Alex Making People Crazier

Frankly, it’s mind numbing but the market of retards and the curious is a revolving door. Some people get better, others get worse. Clearly a good amount of people are getting worse.

YourNewsWire doesn’t even look like it’s monetized regularly in any way. I have no doubt people would give them money, the site looks to have thousands of commenters.

All of these stupid weirdo sites are run by shills. Unless they are run by people who are actually severely mentally ill.

The big question is, if they are shills, who and what they are shilling for, the CIA, Russia, China, Saud, Mossad, some strange god, butt babies?

If I could be anyone, I would be the new Goebbels physically removing this strain of trash when the RWDS have to reinstate law and order – in the future – whenever that is.

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