Down With The SoyBoy Agenda!

Milkman 2

The Great Meme War weaponized Autism. Kurt Eichenwald was on the wrong end of weaponized Twitter. HWNDU and that odd fellow known as “The Milkman” weaponized milk.

I had lengthy conversations with the Milkman. One of the things I first learned was that he gets his milk straight from the farm. The farm he gets it from keeps profiles of the cows for the public to see and everything.

Unfortunately, the last time I looked at the prices for that milk, one gallon was $20-25.

Do you, dear reader know what SoyBoys drink?

They drink Soy Milk.

They drink Mayonnaise Based Chink drinks.

What does the Milkman say tho?

He says “Down With The Vegan Agenda!!!” He says that while eating gourmet cow brains at promotional booths Vegans set up in NYC so they can promote their devilish agenda.

While the Vegan/Vegetarian Agenda is indeed evil, the depths and detriments of the agenda run deeper than most know. They run deeper than I knew.

While the Nationalist Movement has made strides and rules the internet without an equal, remember that the government created the internet and the CIA probably helped Faceberg get going. On average, we’re all just average users of one of The System’s systems.


Soyboy bennington

SoyBoys, while neither Spiritually or physically men can be in their thirties. The food supply seems to have been spiked since at least the 80’s

There are issues with plastic, livestock hormones and, food stuffs like soy that fuck up males and their development. I assume food has been weaponized against female development too. Lavender also has a lot of natural estrogen in it. Watch out for your hand soap.

The more SoyBoys there are out there, the worse our chances are going forward in a 14 Words Forever/Survivalism Mindset.

As I have written previously, schools are trying to push a vegetarian lifestyle. They do it in NYC. They’ll do it in California if they’re not already. Then, the rest of the country’s school lunches will fall victim.

The above mentioned problems are highly disgenic and that’s saying nothing about it’s affect on our right wing, healthy society, healthy people cause.


Soy Am Hst X

The other groups can eat each other. Europeans don’t let Europeans eat shit and become SoyBoys.

Nobody on the Anime Right, No NatSoc, No Nationalist and No Red Blooded American should tolerate this pussy shit – no fairy food.

Down With The (((Globalist))) Vegan Agenda!

Execute Order 66 on Gender Bending Food Stuffs!!!

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