When They Remove Your Monuments, You Win!!!

The Alt Right/Far Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA may have been the most important happening this year in Alt Right Politics.

The Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio used Charlottesville and the chaos that took place the rally to move against New York City’s monuments.

DeBlasio himself was so offended by his very German name that he changed it to his Mother’s name, DeBlasio. While DeBlasio was able to conveniently convene a review of the City’s statues claiming “muh Charlottesville Racism,” the fact of the matter is that there have been serious racial problems with the country throughout almost it’s entire life.

The 1965 Immigration Act has led America’s Enrichment Levels to dangerous heights here in 2017. There are no signs the enrichment will abate.

anime city gas mask

More recently than 1965, it seems to me that our contemporary problems have been being hard stoked since at least that time the Tri-Racial George Zimmerman was made  into a White Devil by the (((media))). As time goes by, the fire is only getting hotter.

As it turned out, the review The Mayor mentions in his Tweet was turned into a commission and given more time – until the end of the year. The Cuck Mayor with the Black Lesbian Wife can’t be expected to accept Monument Removal responsibility on his own.

Columbus Circle Monument

The most ebil monument in all of this New World, Christopher Columbus.

Columbus has been the statue at the center of debate. Personally I don’t care about the statue. Ceding the statue though, that’s big. What happens to the name of the traffic circle, Columbus Circle. Then, where does it all end?

It was reported in The Queens Chronicle today, 11/20/2017 that at the Monuments Committee meeting recently,

“One speaker suggested the Central Park statue of William Shakespeare be removed, pointing to the playwright’s depictions of black and Jewish people in “Othello” and “Merchant of Venice,” respectively.”

The issue, I think is mostly Identity Politics and the way the less than noble non-whites play the game. And of course their (((keeper)))

For example, an “Indian woman” representing the Upstate NY/Canadian Mohawk Tribe which was nowhere near NYC seems to have been the most vocal and demanding critic. Nevermind that Manhattan was was sold for $20 some odd dollars to the White man by some different Tribe.

The funniest thing about this whole ~150 day Commission and “study” is that their they can only recommend solutions. They complain about that fact but then want to take things further and delve into issues related to statues like building names.

I haven’t read anything that clearly defines who will make the decisions to add or remove statues or whether to extend the program and why.

Chirlane McCray

Chirlane McCray, DeBasio’s Wife

Judging by DeBlasio’s taste in women, his strong connections to Hillary Clinton and his Communist past, who knows what will be done. He is definitely not a strong leader. He is the epitome of slimy rootless bourgeois.


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