The Muslim Legacy Of Captain America

Captain America Lee

Recently, the writer of Captain America, Nick Spencer made Cap into a Nazi for about 18 months.

For at least a generation now, The Captain’s role has been one of a cuck. His title teaches mostly cucky values.

Captain America meant something patriotic once but, mostly as a piece of World War 2 propaganda. I’ve heard Cap has been used a few times since then to embody right wing values but, I don’t know.

I think it can be said that the character design is still a patriotic icon to both readers and non-readers of comics. I hope that illusion changes for both comics readers and non-readers alike.

In the last 10 years, the Captain America properties have really been run into the ground. Captain America is currently no longer a Nazi and the title has been relaunched.

Relaunches in comics these days is a pretty standard happening. What is different about the relaunch this time is that not only is Captain America being relaunched but, the whole Marvel Comics line is in the process of being relaunched.

Marvel Legacy is the name of Marvel’s current relaunch. It is supposed to be a way to say that classic Marvel is still here or back, that new characters will be integrated and that the new characters will be just as classic.

Here is an example of a classic Captain America cover:

Captain America 109

Now here is the new Legacy classic cover redeux on Ms. Marvel 25:

ms marvel 25

“Who does Ms. Marvel trust?” I think it’s more like why should we trust Ms. Marvel?

This Muslim Ms. Marvel is a relatively new version of the Ms. Marvel character. She replaced an All-American Blonde Bombshell Ms Marvel.

The cover is an incredibly commercial and dumbed down version of the original Captain America cover. Besides that, aren’t we implicitly being told that a Muslim is as good as or may as well be the new Star Spangled Avenger?

Marvel Comics is in a slump. With this kind of marketing, I predict they will slump further. At best, this is a public relations ad for people, the Muslims. Muslims probably hate comics.

We are at war with the Muslims on several levels, conventionally in their homelands while they strike us with terror in our homelands. At the same time they basically colonize our lands.

Whose idea was Ms. Marvel 25? Surely Alex Jones is not right when he says the Saudis own and run everything?


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