Trans Diversity Comes To Infowars

anime infowars

Alex Jones has been waging the “Infowar” for 20 years or more. He has always been a nutter spreading tons of disinfo. He was also voted the number one purveyor of “Alternative News” most likely to be a Mossad or CIA Asset.

In truth, Infowarrior Alex Jones did not get as big as he is by staying planted in the 90’s. Based on my observations, the popular Rightists just right of the mainstream have a new “hip” ideology about every 8 years. Jones evolves.

With Jones, he went from straight Conspiracy guy to Paleocon, to Ron Paul Republican to presently, a Civic Nationalist flirting with while decrying Identity Politics.

Of course, Jones still stays true to his nutter roots.

He’s also a vitamin salesman and part-time body builder:

jones bodybuilder

The strategy Jones is following has worked for him. Currently, he is bigger than ever and is probably the biggest “Alternative News” source.

Jones has steadily expanded. He has taken on a number of employees, more and more.  He may even be beaming satellite transmissions of his show to the Princes in Nigeria.

Regarding his staff expansion, as far as I know, the last “journalist” he took on was Mike Cernovich.

Not long ago, Cerno was at the White House making a report how President Trump was under house arrest, there in the The White House. Apparently some kind of coup was going on.

It seemed like there was a straight mutiny against Trump from what Cerno was saying. I’m not sure how Trump wrestled back control. I’m not sure if Cerno covered that part of the story.

Fast forward to Jones’s show that aired yesterday. Jones announced that he was going to be hiring the first (the first that I know) Muppet to human tranny to work at Infowars.

Drum Roll…

anime drum roll

Alex Jones is hiring none other than Laura Loomer!!!

You may remember Loomer from Rebel Media or that time someone got her on video trying to club a guy and take him back to her nest(?).


loomer preop


loomer nose job

Certain areas of medical science have come a long way. This whole Muppet to Human thing still needs some work.

We were unable to contact Loomer’s Uncle Gonzo for comment.

Everyone at ARN wishes Laura Loomer lots of luck fighting the Infowar and those pesky gerbils she’s always after.

Alex can be seen below singing Laura’s praises and confirming he will be hiring her at about the 5:10 minute mark in the video below.



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