Brick and Mortar PornHub Store Opens For The Holidays

Jews, Jews never change.

Snake Art

“Big Timing It” on this year’s Black Friday was the PornHub Network. They heroically opened (((themselves))) a storefront just in time for the Christmas Season.

At one time, there was a Miracle on 34th Street. Today you could have met porn skanks in Soho.

Soho is a very hip, very trendy neighborhood. The place has a lot of higher end stores that sell over-priced goods.

It seems like the equation here is Gentrification + Time = Greater Decadence.

ABC New York interviewed some degenerate:

A man named Scott liked what he saw.

“I do like that they’re trying to normalize it, because it is normal. We all watch porn, everybody,” he said.

Soho is totally cool. Neighborhoods in cities all over the country are naming themselves similarly, like Boho in Boston.

The PornHub store unfortunately will not be a permanent fixture. It closes down on December 20.

As you can see the place is very fancy:


Get this, again according to ABC New York:

The store even features a bed where customers can sit and be live-streamed on the Pornhub website. There’s no inappropriate behavior allowed.

My Christmas wish to Jesus is that next year there will be a store in 10 trendy gentrified cities, that the year after that they’ll be open for Easter and so on and so forth.

It’s a Jewish World, Gentiles just live here.



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