Eagles Of Death Metal Founder Releases “Neo-Nazi Revenge Thriller” Soundtrack

Vinyard Free Hugs

Josh Homme is a Metal Super-Star. He has been in and worked with more bands, and big names than I care to count.

I used to be into his stuff, the “Stoner Rock” band Kyuss, then Queens of the Stone Age was another one. Queens of the Stone Age had some commercial success with a few singles in the time before White People Music died.

Most notably, or most infamously, Homme did and does studio work with The Eagles of Death Metal. He was a founder of the band in 1998.

The Eagles of Death Metal was the band playing when Muslim Terrorists blew up the Bataclan in Paris in 2015. The attack killed about 90 of the concert’s attendees.

One of the survivors committed suicide just days ago.


If you redo the concert and put a French Flag on your Facebook, you win.

According to Homme’s bio on Wikipedia, he generally doesn’t play live with The Eagles of Death Metal. As such, he was not at the Bataclan when the attack occurred.

Wikipedia notes that Homme did not have much at all to do with the public response to the attacks. He did not go to the memorial. He did however encourage other bands to cover the song that the Eagles of Death Metal were playing when the attack transpired.

Yesterday, NME an entertainment/lifestyle site reported Homme released a soundtrack he did for a “Neo-Nazi Thriller.”

Josh Homme Cap


I definitely felt an Awoo!!! swelling up. Then I was confused. Then there was rage and I blacked out.

I woke up and took a good belt of whiskey for the headache and my nerves. I read the NME story again. I got to this point:

After premiering at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, In The Fade – which has been described as a ‘neo-Nazi revenge film’ as it tells the story of a woman who seeks revenge on a neo-Nazi group after they murder her husband and son


This is some weird wild stuff. What’s worse is the film was made for the Occupied Reich.

“In the Fade” is not a “Neo-Nazi revenge film.”

“In the Fade” is Derek Vinyard getting sodomized, having his Brother murdered then going to suck off that nigger school administrator on repeat.

Josh Homme is pretty much doing some of that too considering his history.

Worst of all, Homme is a pretty boy weaponized cuck faggot. Isn’t Homme French?

Unfortunately, Homme nor the bands have any social media.

Say a prayer for him. Maybe The Good Lord will send Muslims.

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