Memetic Origins: The Volcano God

Anime Volcano

I’m not sure how well known the “Volcano God” meme is. It originated, like many of our memes have with the TRS Crew. I’m pretty sure Mike Enoch was the first to propagate it. When I have heard the TRS Fam use it, it has pretty much been light-hearted. Most people who I have heard use the term, use it regarding the Jews. It is funny.

I think it’s safe to say that people would generally think of a volcano god as angry. Playing up the angry angle with arbitrariness and silliness while mocking practices like modern day (((foreskin))) rituals or, vitriol towards other aspects of modern day Judaism is good stuff.

Depending on your religious views and understanding, it could be offensive, especially depending on the application, but we’re all of a different mind and understanding.

From what I can tell, in this case, the source material comes from the lying subversive slug of a man known as Jordan Maxwell.


Greasy Bond Villain meets Cranky Jiminy Glick

Maxwell pretty much tells a bunch of spooky and convincing lies very well. Loons worship him. He is a religious and temporal conspiracy theorist.  His main target is Christianity. He wants his audience to believe in Astrotheology and The Occult. He also wants his listeners to believe when we broke our Mothers’ water and were birthed, we somehow became “State’s Property” because being birthed is really disembarking. He talks a bunch of other weird bullshit. None of it is true.

The volcano meme comes from a talk Maxwell on the Jews in Moses’ time. He said when Moses went up to the Mountain to talk to God who was in smoke and flame, Moses was really just talking to a volcano somehow. As the Mountain was covered in smoke and flame, the Mountain itself was really a Volcano and God was a Volcano… at that point because…


The details don’t really matter as the smoke and flame of the volcano would have killed Moses – some type would have killed him.

Maxwell also conveniently leaves out the part where “the pillar of smoke and flames,” God, followed the Israelites by day shading them and lighting the way and/or camp by night.

Mike Enoch said he liked to veg out to Maxwell. I have to figure he processed the info into a meme.

I used to find Maxwell interesting myself until I figured out how slimy and obnoxious he was, the depth and breadth of his lies and his underlying ideology.

We got a good meme though.


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