Israel To Get Part Of Jerusalem… Wednesday?


As the Great President Trump said late in his campaign for President, the State of Israel needs to get back part of it’s “Eternal Capitol.” The Jerusalem Post said Trump was ready to make the announcement yesterday but “postponed” the announcement. The announcement will likely be made on this coming Wednesday. I doubt it had to do with Israel’s attack on Syria.

Ynetnews reports:

(that a)”Senior Trump administration official said the president will likely make a speech Wednesday officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; Trump is also expected to again delay his campaign promise to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem”

Funny how a guy campaigns in the U.S. by making promises to a foreign country for the land of a less favored foreign country.

The move is sure to cause more problems but the U.S. can send mo’ troops and mo’ money. Not a problem…

It’s all in the family. Like that time Bibi slept in Peter Griffin’s bed. Wait. Hol up. Bibi slept in Jared Kushner’s bed because the crooked Kushner Sr. and family are good friends with Bibi.

It’s not a problem to take another country’s land, according to that same story in the JPost:

“The Trump administration plans on rolling out a detailed proposal for peace in the coming months. Jared Kushner senior adviser leading the administration’s peace effort, will speak on their plans at a Brookings Institution forum over the weekend.”

As we march towards more wars and more of the Jews slick tricks, Happy Hanukah everyone!

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