The Frightening Future Of Urban Crime

Madea Gun


Urban Crime: strong-armed robberies, drive by shootings, drug related issues, stairwell ambushes, flash mobs, snatch and grabs, drug beefs and quality of life issues are generally some crimes one may think of when they think of Basketball Americans committing crimes on the street. None of these crimes really take much thought or planning. They’re like the Urban Black’s version of a Blitz.

It seems like these Blacks are either not that good at crime or they do it a lot because, they sure get caught a lot.

Michael Love Mugshot AnimeRight


I wonder if one such Colored Fellow understood those points. He was Michael Love, 50 from Indianapolis, IN and pictured above. He brutally shot his ex-girlfriend and her brother multiple times.

According to,

“Michael Love, said to be in his 50s, was convicted on two counts of attempted murder Nov. 1 after wearing a mask, wig and dress before shooting the two victims while they and some children were getting into a vehicle earlier this year”

“Wearing a mask, wig and a dress.” Are we looking at a form of Urban Crime Evolution? Instead of drive-bys, might we start to hear reports of M1 Carbine snipers? Might there be men with Freddy Krueger gloves? Will Black fans of Metal Gear Solid creep in cardboard boxes? Could there be POC attacking in White people clothes painted in White-Face?

Those are indeed troubling prospects and I felt obligated to point this all out. The Blacks love Tyler Perry’s Madea. Madea is sassy and always seems to be fighting.What if Tyler Perry is where Mr. Love got his idea from. Medea was a black media sensation. Dave Chapelle is another one. Could the Identitarian Movement, the Alt Right or the Far Right be infiltrated by a Black Man claiming to be blind?

clayton bigsby maga

Time will reveal all to us. The tricks could be more subtle though so beware.

Indiana is pretty much smack dab right in the center of the country. In my estimation, we would probably see this phenomenon move to the battlefield that is Chicago first. Really though, it could emanate any which way.

Remember the Crazy Clowns that were terrorizing people? That started in the center of the East Coast and radiated out. Fortunately, whoever they were knocked that shit off but, even that could pop up again. They would be even worse now…

Note: Most of the criminal element in Black areas are rounded up by late spring. If we make it to summer, we should be in the clear.


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