Daily Stormer Defense Moves Forward

DS Summer of hate

As you all most likely know by now, Andrew Anglin the publisher of The Daily Stormer has been sued by a woman whom was trolled. She has the backing of the SPLC. This came issue presented itself before the site’s Charlottesville related shuttening.

The issue with the site obtaining and retaining a domain for itself has been an ongoing issue. More than a few domains have been established only to be shut down. With the last one or two, it seems that the media had a helping hand. Many have gone down within days.


On the bright-side, it seems that the lawyer Mr. Anglin has retained for his battle with the SPLC proxy-Jewess is not only competent seasoned, he is also bold. The man’s name is Mark Randazzo.

According to the LA Times, it seems within the last few weeks, official motions have been submitted with the Montana Court, and (presumably) the Stormer’s Council:

has asked a federal judge to throw out her complaint, arguing that neo-Nazi memes and anti-Jewish slurs are protected free speech and pose “no true threat” to Jewish people.


Mr. Randazzo though seems very confident in what he does. He has a Wikipedia article about him. It’s pretty long and showcases some of the bigger First Amendment Cases he has handled. Some involve porn.

The fact of the matter is, the big service providers are pushing us all out and off of their platforms. Recall that the Twitter Purge is coming up, December 18th. Uncle Randazzo though, even though he might take a lot of cases involving skin and sexuality, seems to know what this case is about:

The Times that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s case was “about censoring views that they dislike, rather than vindicating any real legal rights.”

That is what the SPLC does though, right?

The Memes Can’t stop flowing… There is bound to be more litigation if we get cranking again.

breaking bad hazmat suits

Like Jesse got away in the end of Breaking Bad, maybe Anglin will get away, and much easier. The Stormer Lawyer revealed aYuuuge mystery to the LA Times. It could be a game changer, the ender-ender:

But where is Anglin? The motion declined to say, adding that the Southern Poverty Law Center “bears the burden of proof in establishing [Anglin’s] domicile” and that Anglin “is not a citizen of any State.”

Looks like the SPLC is gonna have to go on a manhunt. Assuredly, that is too much work for a bunch of shit smelling Jews. Too bad they have so much funding to hire bounty hunters etc. Is Anglin in the U.S. though? When did he renounce his citizenship? Did he or has he figured out the Sovereign Citizen Racket? Is he a Russian, a time traveler, maybe he came from the NSDAP Moonbase or base in Antartica?

New Swabia Saucers.jpg

Time will tell, and for Anglin’s sake say a prayer or do whatever you feel is appropriate because, the SPLC’s lawyers stated intention is to:

“We would love it if we obtained a judgment that is sufficient to hound Andrew Anglin the rest of his life and hobble his ability to engage in his online hate ever again,” Dinielli said.

How can a guy who cares about justice want to ruin the life of a guy who potentially only lived out a third of it?



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