Popular Bitcoin Mining Operation Hacked

I think I’ve been robbed.

BTC Green

The value of Bitcoin(BTC) has taken off like a shot. It’s value had been rising fairly steadily since it’s inception in 2009. This year for the coin, the sky seems to be the limit. As of writing this, the coin was worth over $16k.

All sorts of people are talking about it. I don’t think too many people know how it works or why it has value.

I personally am into the whole crypto thing. I have been for about 6 months. There is a good deal of learning to be done for a computer pleb like myself.

As it turns out, to mine these days, you need to drop over a thousand dollars to get started. You need a lot more to mine BTC. So, there are at least two companies on the web that cater to people that have decent computer or even really good computers that allow those people to mine. One is called Minergate, they are pretty well diversified in terms of the different coins available to mine. The second place is called Nicehash. With Nicehash, your machine may be mining different coins but you are always getting paid in BTC.


I generally use NiceHash and as of three days ago I had about $25 on account from mining and appreciation. I needed about $30. Had I been mining, I could have cashed out tomorrow, taken the BTC to my friendly cut rate software merchant, and bought an operating system for a decent mining rig I recently put together.

The fates intervened on me my dear readers. NiceHash was hacked and robbed of their and my BTC.

Press Release?

Security Breach?

They seem very calm. It must be a big deal. All the headlines say they were taken for, oh, just $64 million dollars!

Was it an inside job? Was it Kim Jong Un, did he need money to import Popeye’s Shrimp? I don’t know.

It was probably sweaty Asians.

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