Fake Hate Crime In The Navy

#Metoo? Nope, The Year Of Fake Hate Crimes


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If the Time was a far right magazine, it would have dubbed the Fake Hate Crime Crew as the People Of The Year. They were all over. Being that the “Hate Crimes” against the Jews are up most proportionally Year on Year it is a fair assumption that the Jews themselves created the most hate crimes of any non-White group.

Most non-Whites got in on the party though. Drumpf was their Start Pistol. One thing I am unsure of is what to make of the non-Whites who spray swastikas on Jewish property. I guess they hate Jews. It’s too bad they don’t have their own symbol. That figures though.

swastika black guys

A report was released today on a Black Navy sailor named Marquie Little(I wouldn’t know how to say that nigga’s name), 27. The Navy Times reported yesterday, summing up the incident and the findings of an investigation into the incident. The headline read that he staged the incident/vandalism.

This guy had balls, he was semi-viral on Facebook:

Marquis “posted photos to Facebook on Nov. 15 under an alias that showed his rack on the carrier George H.W. Bush covered in trash and racial slurs.”

The Navy investigated for about 24 days. This is what they came up with:

“on Friday Cmdr. Dave Hecht, a spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic, said “a thorough investigation” conducted with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service found inconsistencies in the sailor’s account.”


“A NCIS-supported command investigation following claims of racially-motivated vandalism aboard the (carrier) has determined that the alleged victim staged the incident himself,” Hecht said in an email.”

It’s gotta be pretty embarrassing for a guy that age to get caught doing that shit. I wouldn’t want to work with him.

A New World Order

Maybe you noticed that the ship was the George H.W. Bush? I guess they’re keeping it pretty quiet but apparently, the guy is a serious groper. I’ve heard a few reports on the radio that apparently, he’s in a wheelchair or something and is grabbing like every woman’s butt he sees. He uses a catch phrase and his handlers play it off like he’s an old man joking around.

Be on the lookout for fake hate crimes in December.


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