The Politics Of The Black Panther

The story vexes both Black and White Nationalists.

I read comics for 10-15 years. I have never bought or read a Black Panther solo title. I do know the basic lore of the character. The Panther lives in Wakanda and he is it’s King. There have been many Black Panthers, the mantle is passed down along the King’s Bloodline.

The Freemasons, Rosicrusians, Illuminati and Learned Elders Of Zion never made it to the dark corner of the Dark Continent where the Wakandans reside. The malefactors were too busy with the French Revolution, the slaughter of the Czar, making sure the sun never set on the British Empire, Banking Schemes and whatever else. Wakanda was free to develop largely on its own.

Wakanda is portrayed as an ideal society. It has a patriarchal, nationally minded and fair Monarch. His subjects are intelligent and agreeable. There land is the only repository of a rare metal and the society has developed high science and high technology. The Black Panther and The Wakandans could seemingly have been indispensable allies to the West for a long time. They could have been an invaluable trading partner as well. They are however most isolationist and focused inwardly.

As of late, Wakanda has almost always been under attack, and The Black Panther himself has been participating in the chronicles of the other Marvel Heroes and super teams. This is in part because Marvel has been building it’s characters up for a better movie payoff.

As an aside, Marvel has brought in a big time and colorful Black writer who is well connected and seems to have straddled the line between Afro-Centrism and highly progressive liberalism. The guy has worked with Michelle(Michael?) Obama. I believe many of these stories take place in the Panther’s Fatherland.


If editorial staff and the writer and artist who developed the character without designs to stir the racial pot, I would be surprised. The character is named after the rag tag revolutionary Negroes with little chance of ever establishing such a great nation as Wakanda. White Nationalists would look at the Wakandan story, possibly admire it but find it incredulous.

Popular White Nationalist ideas for some dictate that a White or European Society could very well be Wakandan like of the People of Color did not do their part in draging White Society down.

There was even an article several months ago from a major publication stating that White Nationalists would like the upcoming Panther movie

The World Of The Black Panther is relatable to both the Black and White Race because both races or nations can see an admirable but maybe unobtainable vision for their people.

May we all get what we want and be free from (((outside))) influence.

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