Conspiracy Linguist I

12 Monkeys City Hall Ruins


In the tradition of greats like Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, and that long-haired lurchy guy, uh… Marl? Passio, I too am now an expert linguist and am working to free civilization from Jesus and convince people of thoroughly dubious stories.

I saw my heroes, stated above show how comparative linguistics works. I felt like they taught me how to do it through osmosis, my genius, and greatness.

I’m working on why the Germans lost the World Wars right now:

My first break through is The German “Gott Mit Uns:”

Gott Mit Uns does not actually mean God With Us. British Magicians put a spell on the Germans. Everytime a Kraut thought he was saying God With Us, he was really asking who had mittons. As you can assume, this was very distracting to the soldiers. The war was lost in large part due to the mis said prayer. Like the Butt-Plug Mark Passi says, God is Evil.


Thanks to Jordan Maxwell a.k.a “slugface” a.k.a. “scared old rat slug man” for the inspiration to seek out that truf.

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