Entertainment Is Going To Be All White

An Anime Right First Look.


White Entertainment


Imagine if you never watched Different Strokes or heard Steve Urkel say “did I do that.” Those shows just didn’t teach White folk the right thing. Those shows weren’t teaching “around Blacks never relax,” they were teaching Whites the opposite.

We here at AnimeRight.News in conjunction with SlayerFilm Ltd are going to be bringing a great lineup of diverse Films and TV Shows to the White man in  near future. Moving forward, we will be distributing our entertainment to the ethnostates then distributing it  too as we sweep across the earth over the European Continents. We’re going to have good stuff, wholesome stuff, stuff that teaches proper lessons and stuff that is fun and entertaining.




Our first project, release date tbd, is going to be an MLK film. Going forward in the new year, shed the ideas about King you have been indoctrinated with. Shed them entirely and forever. Our film entitled simply “Martin Luther King,” is going to be Historical Sci Fi. Ryan Gossling, the only child star to come out of The (((Mouseketeers)))  and not lose his mind, will be playing the starring role. MLK will be brought to life by CGI and voiced by archival tape, that’s right, by himself.

In Martin Luthor King, Gossling plays the role of D.A.N. Dan is an up and coming member of the elite secret intelligence service, Team White. If you think 007 has gadgets, you don’t know shit. Just wait until you see what Gossling does and Team White has in it’s whitened corridors.




You’ll wish you shot King yourself as Gossling tracks King’s outrageous regular rendezvous with White Womens. Judged by the content of one’s character? Indeed. Then you’ll wish you shot King again after seeing regular rendezvous with Jews and Communists. Not to fret, Gossling and the rest of Team White solve a startling mystery and leave King nothing but an inert shell of a man.

You’ll never look at King again the same way and Martin Luther King will never have another dream again no matter how drowsy he gets from his pork ‘n’ ribs.

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