Move Over NAACP, For The NAACP

The new NAACP is smacking all kinds of people right upside they heads:

NAACP Doezal


It was announced late Friday that there is a new NAACP in America.

It turns out you can’t trademark initials in The Land Of The Free.

Freedom. Struck. Back.

Unfortunately, we here at the NAACP lost the bright young woman pictured above some time ago. She joined right when we were making waves and, well she got away from us.

We saw her not more than 6 months ago on TV. It turns out she did real good working her way up in the NAACP. The thing is, it wasn’t our NAACP.

It’s a long story. We’re not entirely clear on it and for some reason, she’s not taking our calls.

Poor child.

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