South Park Is Now Boring…


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I binged watched three episodes of South Park last night and I really have very little recall of what went on. The three episodes I had on were the one where the men were witches and the one before it and the one after it. I guess I started with episode 5. I remember there being a few clever goings ons in the first four episodes but there really wasn’t anything lol or better yet, lmao.

With my memory jogged by the above paragraph, episode 5 was about an old lady that resided at Stan’s Grand Dad’s nursing home who was a drug dealer. There was nothing funny about the episode the two times I did laugh, it was forced. The character choices were out there but not funny and for some reason now, in a parody of themselves, a latinx character I’ve never seen played a prominent yet familiarly crafted role.

Is South Park really going PC? Maybe the whole PC Season wasn’t that big of a joke after all. Usually even if I’m don’t find the show particularly funny, it at least gives me a little boost from being entertaining. I wasn’t entertained.

The whole drug bit wasn’t funny and the subject was really in poor taste. Adding an odd but familiar cast of characters doesn’t make the concept funny. A lot of people are dying from drugs.

The other two shows, I did’t even get. The last one might have been funny but it didn’t seem relevant. It had something to do with Cartman moving in with The Blacks and being racial. I turned it off halfway through.

As it is, I didn’t get South Park the first maybe 5 seasons and I don’t get it now. A few seasons ago when they kept the continuity through the season, I thought wow. Now, IDK what’s going on. I hate most movies and TV but, I know what’s funny. I have no problems being rude crass or crude. I have no problems watching something once and a while.

For two guys who say they’re going to continue with the show until it’s “kicked off the air,” it doesn’t seem like they’ll accomplish that. It seems like it was a lot of talk. It seems to me much more likely they’ll fade away.

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