Whores All Over Twitter

Thot Raid


Cyber sex was always going to be yuuge, Fam.

Finding a date or love interest on Twitter is another story unless you want to do some unconventional thing over the fiber and through the airwaves. A friend from High School did that back when dial-up and 56k was still the norm. I stopped by unknowingly. She popped out. She was thiccer than thicc, so pretty much large, taller than him and kind of weird looking as in ugly. I was like “oh hey, your girlfriend from the internet? She’s all the way from where? Sweet, c’ya.” A lot of thoughts were racing through my head but none I could address to my friend. I never spoke of that again.

This guy did a little less well:


dynamite la fawnduh


So… that’s supposed to be sweet and funny. Those commercials for match say people get married. Personally, I wouldn’t go for any kind of horse-faced women. I hear the value of non-Whites is pretty low online too. Just as in the real world.

While online dating is hyped, sex robots are on their way, and fat, plain and degenerate/liberated women have those “Tupperware parties, that so-called oldest profession in the world has girls settling right in on Twitter. I myself have only been approached by two or three of these hookers or cam whores, two people I know were pretty much being hounded by them.

@InnerFuhry is being followed by at least ten accounts. I am not aware of anyone interacting with them. Most of the accounts have provocative women avis. A few say they’re into cosplay, some say they’re dancers and some even have multiple pics. All in all many have similar links.

Not that Twitter doesn’t already have its problems but, this is the kind of shit that was swarming MySpace as it matured. If you find these accounts following you, there is probably no reason to admonish them to live different or to tell them to fuck off. The best course of action is probably just to block them before you get swarmed as if you were playing Dead Space.

Do As Zyklon Says:



This Guy Got A Stealth One:



And Claimed 20 Others:



The Lesson:

The lesson is if you’re just a humble Right Wing Anime News Service peddling you’re wares, you will be banned from Twitter. If you are T.H.O.T (That Hooker On Twitter) you are welcome to peddle your T&A, viruses, diseases and whatever else on Twitter.

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