No Pants Art?

pantless thots


“Art imitates life.” Of course, what other basis is there for experiencing reality.

“Life imitates art.” Das rite! It could be monkey see, monkey do, genuine inspiration or some combination of the two.

Unfortunately, the arts have been on a downward trajectory for quite a while now. Lifestyles built into certain art, music and the different forms of stories many times, only serve to make things worse.

A Classic Piece:

moma vacuum


These vacuums are an installation piece at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Manhattan. It’s probably a good vacuum. I have one from my Pop Pop that is pretty similar. It still works but the hose is fucked. It’s not art.

Pretty much everything in the museum is trash. There is a Salvador Dali piece in the place. It’s in the same room as those vacuums. It’s actually really small. Starry Night may be there to. I don’t recall.

A little bit of reworking on this song could make mayhem at the MOMA entertaining.


All that being said, it doesn’t take much of a retrospective to see things have gotten worse and worse. On this last Sunday in Manhattan, there was the Annual Pantsless Subway Ride. Some gook in a video here says it was some kind of happy fun thing started by an improv group after 9/11. Someone needs to tell her Comrade Jew Lenin might be proud.

I feel like Fred Durst singing about (hypothetically I’m sure) a “Chainsaw What?” could help in this situation too.

This “event” is not funny, encourages whoredom, sodom, fickie fickie and is otherwise pointless. It does show how fucking worthless people have become and blends the line between entertainment and entertainment.

Here are some pics:

Passengers without trousers stand at cash machines as part of the 'No Trousers on the Tube Day' event, in London


Israelis travel on the light rail train without their pants on as they take part in the annual "No Pants Subway Ride" event in Jerusalem


People participate in the annual "No Pants Subway Ride" in New York City, New York


Some whack job makes a scene on one of these trains everyday. Then there are the bums and panhadlers. Why not organize a throw “crackhead Joe” from the train day? Furthermore, there was some lesser known French acting improv thing somewhere back in history where you just kind of act out something in front of people to get a reaction. Maybe guys in solid irl groups can start fake fights about the Holocaust and the Bell Curve or fake an AIDS scare or something.

Vanguard America, I’m looking at you.

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