NYC Global Warming Power Play

This is what globalists and cultural marxists do.

Oil Derricks

I have to figure most people that are reading this own or lease a car or use a car almost daily. That is, unless you live in a city with good mass transportation, are a modest housewife in a new family, just don’t like to drive, are too young, or have extenuating circumstances.

My second assumption is that you don’t really believe in global warming or anthropomorphic climate change for one reason or another. There are good reasons not to. We had the once Vice President, eternal conman and “climate” agitator, Al Gore produce a film that was total bullshit. Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was a short term sensation in ’05. The follow up, An Inconvenient Sequel which was released late last year was  a complete failure. You can read my reeeing about it on my blog, here.

World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos, Switzerland - 18 Jan 2017



In between Gore’s two movies, a lot has changed. I wonder if the whole point of Glenn Beck on Fox News was to debunk this crap. His work on that was good. Two definite factors in turning the tide back then were both information related.

On the one hand, there was the presentation, it a sanctimonious false scumbag authority. “The debate is over,” and the like. How many homes does Gore have?

The second issue had to do with audacity of the solutions to Global Warming. There was the Carbon Credit and trading scheme. I think a fair explanation of how it worked was that Gore, Goldman Sachs and others had a stake in selling the rights to use “fossil fuels.” The rights would be mandated by the government and eventually bring down the usage of fossil fuels to zero.

Basically, through a chain of payments, everyone would be giving Gore, (((Goldman))), whoever else and their pet projects money in a kind of “protection racket.” I wouldn’t pay a nigger who set up a troll toll in front of my house, I’m glad I don’t have to pay Gore right now.

Mortal Kombat X

Round 2

Gore might be able to make the Left’s Round 3 Assault. Right now with Trump, him declining to commit the U.S. to the Paris Accord, that seems to have only emboldened the Leftist Governors and Mayors to launch a pretty bold attack for round two.

What the still forming group wants to do is go after the oil companies through lawsuits. This seems completely insane to me. The Mayor of NYC yesterday announced that not only is NYC going to be one of the plaintiffs  but, that the city will also be aiming to make their Pension Funds divest from any fossil fuel holdings their portfolio has.

As for the portfolio, from Chief Investment Officer:

New York City plans to divest roughly $5 billion in fossil fuels reserve holdings from its $189 billion pension system—the largest of any US municipality to date, city officials announced Wednesday.

In what the comptroller’s office is calling a “first-in-the-nation” step towards the five-year divestment goal, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer will submit a joint resolution to pension fund trustees. The resolution will allow trustees to analyze strategies on responsibly divesting from fossil fuels in ways that meet fiduciary obligations.

Bill DeBlasio had this to say about his heroism:

“New York City is standing up for future generations by becoming the first major US city to divest our pension funds from fossil fuels,” de Blasio said in a statement. “At the same time, we’re bringing the fight against climate change straight to the fossil fuel companies that knew about its effects and intentionally misled the public to protect their profits. As climate change continues to worsen, it’s up to the fossil fuel companies whose greed put us in this position to shoulder the cost of making New York safer and more resilient.”

With the lawsuit, Clinton Operative, Communist Sympathizer and all around Cultural Marxist Bill DeBlasio is going for the knockout. He’s also going for the gold.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will be seeking billions in the lawsuit to recoup money spent by the city for resiliency efforts related to climate change.

The defendants in the city’s federal lawsuit are BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell.

If this lawsuit somehow has legal standing I’m going to be nervous. There is hardly any reason given for it in the news reports. If the lawsuit wins, I think it’s time to start tunneling and the like.

After one of last year’s hurricanes, some shit tier island had one of their “officials” interviewed by NPR. Fucking Island Tyrone was talking about reparations for his island because Global Warming caused the hurricane. He wanted reparations from the U.S. and other “Industrialized Countries.”

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