Hawaii Falsely Alerted To Incoming Missle

North Korean Field Gun


Yesterday, Saturday 1/13/18, Hawaiians were alerted to an incoming missile strike. The good news is, no Missile was en route to Hawaii. The bad news was, Hawaiians were inundated with this message on a Saturday:


Ars Technica stated that the:

terrifying message on their phones, repeated on television and radio stations


Hawii Emegency Alert



“Human Error”

The Alert was a botched test. Luckily it took only  38 minutes to broadcast a new message.

Vern Miyagi(no relation to the Mister,) Administrator for Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency stated:

that the message was sent in error when an employee accidentally designated that the message was supposed to be an “event” rather than a “test” in the software that sent notifications. The notification was sent via Wireless Emergency Alert to cellphone users, as well as to television and radio broadcast channels. HI-EMA did not have an automated way to send a cancellation of an “event” message, so it had to issue one manually, Governor Ige said in the press conference, which caused a delay in correcting the notification.

It is hard to believe that it took nearly 40 minutes to rectify things with the first alert. That being said, it is most likely that each State Agency has had its own software developed. A lot of retards and a lot of losers work for the States. It is not unlikely some of those present on Saturday passed out or even aneurismed from the stress. Then again, the alert could have been designed not to shut off because of the grave nature of the subject matter… hard to say.

Civil Service is partially based on a meritocracy system. The qualities of merit go right out the window in “Civil Service.” It is reported that The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tried tweeting as a stop-gap measure.

@Jack, so happy I didn’t get blowed up,

– Hawaiian Joe

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