The First Alt Right Celebrity?

Is tennis player, Tennys Sandgren implicitly HuWhite?

Tennys Cover

Golf and tennis, who really follows those sports? You need serious terrain, and in the case of golf costly equipment to play. Maybe those factors make those games somewhat uneasy to relate to. While there are a lot of good players in both sports, Tiger Woods and the Williams Sisters for a time now have been the focus of most attention. It’s something that those three have been heralded so. It’s magic.They’re magic.

Tennys Sandgren is relatively new. He is 26 years old and in the top 100 tennis players. The name is related to his great-grandfather, not tennis. His mother is from South African. The standard wiki, with that and the rest of his info can be found here.

Sandgren’s game has brought him greater spotlight lately:

Tennys Up And Coming

People Have Come Upon Some Things:

Plenty of buzz is going around if one Googles Sandgren’s name and Alt Right. For the moment, it stems from his Twitter Account, his past Tweets and Associations

The news people and news reports seem to be more or less trying to probe into him. Initially, Sanderson’s Tweets were outed on ESPN by the announcers. Reports linked Tenny with shill accounts like Tommy Robinson and Prison Planet. Sangren is followed by some familiar faces but the only serious Twitter account I’ve seen publicized that he followed is Anime Right friend, Nick J. Fuentes whom the Sandgren Wiki refers to as a White Nationalist.

Tennis Now reported that Tweet rhetoric found in:

screenshots of now-deleted Sandgren re-tweets and tweets include derogatory remarks aimed at black people and Muslims.

Serena Williams heard something of this noise.

After hearing:

ESPN commentators mentioned Sandgren’s controversial tweets during his quarterfinal match.

Serena Williams gave Tennys one of those canned and feigned smh Black Pipl Tweets.


After the quarterfinal match, Tennys got some softball questions:


In the wind up, Sandgren still follows 543 but has deleted all his Tweets. He himself seems to have defaulted to some bland rhetoric of the Americana with a little bit of Jesus sprinkled on top. He really doesn’t seem all that shitlordy.

Four Tweets were everything that was on the man’s feed as of noon. For some reason Tennys decided to apologize to some gays because of a 4-6 year old Tweet.

The prediction is, he’ll be a shitlord but under wraps and in the closet unless he has a Mel Gibson type moment.

Right now, he’s no Mel Gibson.

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