Beyond Memetics: The Egregore

Queen Meme

Skynet logo

The Egregore approaches.

Right now, the internet is still relatively wild and expanding. Various wild parts have been reigned in under different circumstances. More and more people and devices are being added to the internet. Increasing bandwidth and computing power will further enlarge the web and control it.

Overt control is easy. How about subtle control, control from behind the scenes? It can be wielded a number of ways.

You can run a manipulating operation as a troll. You can have a troll team up, there are plenty of places to stage events and ways to do it. Then, you could also have a more powerful operation, run a website or show for power or influence. You could do that solo or as a team. Zooming out to larger levels, you will most assuredly have players with big time assets who could run any size area with greater technology.

By canvassing Social Media and other metrics fast enough, over time you can potentially win a lot of hearts and minds. With the right learning machines and eventually A.I., you could eventually influence a whole heck of a lot of people. Trump is said to have run a lot of co-ordinated and targeted ads in a similar manner.

borg baphomet

The Egregore

The term, according to Wikipedia can be traced back to the Greek translation of the extra-Biblical Book Of I Enoch. Over time, the meaning became part of Occult lore. The meaning in modern literature is something of that of a spirit that influences a number of people at once.

In the meme world, The Egregore is the A.I., “learning machine” or automated structure that can meme or dole out calculated information to people at just the right time to lead them down down a specified path. It would capable of “enchanting” clusters of users.

It is a puppet master said to be in development by various intelligence agencies.

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