Trump Snubbed With Golden Toilet

Jewish New York Museum thinks it has jokes.

Anime School Girl Trum


New York City just keeps on thumbing its collective nose at President Trump. The biggest problem, of course, is that NY is a Sanctuary City. It has done nothing but insulate the interlopers who have taken up residence throughout the Five Burroughs further against Federal Law and Trump since Trump took office.

Yesterday, not only did New York’s Mayor snub Trump at a meeting but, one of New York’s premier art museums also snubbed Trump. The museum is called the Guggenheim and after a request from Trump for art, they gave him a cutesy, albeit immature backhand.

The left/right group-think playpen was bad enough with Bush II. There was one but maybe two or three if not more weekly shows over his time in Office whose sole purpose was to make fun of Bush II. It has truly reached new heights with Trump.

The Art

Landscape With Snow

“Landscape With Snow” by Vincent Van Gogh

That’s something you can get lost in.

That’s art.

We Got Your Art Right Here Mista Trump!

The President and his Wife tried to get that van Gogh painting for the White House. I would think most people with a shot of acquiring it would try to get it. Administration people inquired and requested.

I quote the Museum’s reply from a Washington Post article by an Art Critic who goes on to explain why and how the Museum’s reply was a “sick burn.”

The reply:

in an email, a Guggenheim curator offered instead a conceptual work by the established artist and provocateur Maurizio Cattelan called “America,” a fully functioning golden toilet that had been installed as a temporary interactive exhibit in a public restroom at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed landmark.

It Seems People Actually Line Up To Use This Thing:

golden toilet


What It Is:

The toilet is bullshit, it’s only 18 carrots. Furthermore, I understand the toilet is “art” but a silver toilet would be way better, cheaper and more practical. Silver is like anti-septic or has a quality where germs can’t live on it. That’s why rich people have real Silver-ware.

The building was designed by the architect Frank Lloyd. He’s probably the most well-known architect. From the number of designs of his that were built, he was probably the Best Modern Architect.

The Guggenheim is named after Solomon Guggenheim. Both Solomon and most all names with “heim” indicate you’re going to have a bad time.

Viva la Resistance.

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