Profit From GPU Prices

In the last three weeks, I have almost earned myself a free MSI RX570.

Saphire Nitro


If you’re mining with GPU rigs, you probably know that while prices for crypto have gone down as of late, the prices for GPUs have gone up. This development can work out to be a net positive for you.

What I am talking about is arbitrage and it’s quite simple.

It is pretty easy to watch when your local electronics store gets shipments of GPUs. You don’t even have to make a trip.

When the store has them, buy one or two. The store by me sells MSI RX570s for $279.99. I got my second one to flip today. The last one I bought was $269.99 and I sold it for $440.99 on eBay. I am not sure how much I am going to net. I won’t until my buyer pays.

The price for the price for the MSI RX570 as a buy it now was still $450.99 this morning.
The price for the Saphire Nitro this morning as a buy it now was $550.99.

My thinking is, you should not get less than $15/card lower than the buy it now price.

The MSI Armor doesn’t seem to be worth any extra.
I’m not sure about the VEGAs.
NVIDIA is not my thing right now but is worth a check.

In the Gold Rush day, the men who sold shovels always made a return. That is not the case with the miners.

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